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WTF in the name of vanity?

Posted: August 25, 2010 in vanity, women
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First vajazzling, now vatooing? What has the world come into? I can’t understand (and I never will) why women would do such things. Is it vanity? If it is, for whose sake? For her or for him? What would make a woman look at a mirror and find such things beautiful?

Vajazzling, according to this article, involves having your va-jay-jay shaved all the way (Brazilian?) then adorning it with Swarovski crystals in any design you want. The first time I read about this I thought it’s crazy. Now I think it’s INSANE! I cannot even imagine how the sex is gonna be when you’re vajazzled. Intercourse means there’d be a lot of friction down there and it would be really, really uncomfortable if you’re rubbing against crystals. I even read that when one of those crystals gets inside your vagina it could tear it up. Eeeww! Argh! Good god!

Now there’s a new trend apparently. It’s called Vatooing. Tatooing your vaginal area. Again, you must have a Brazilian wax, then they’d paint your area with any design you want using non-toxic paint. Airbrush is used, btw. It’s supposed to last for a week unless you engage in some heavy friction. Sex without friction? Haha! They suggested using a different position. Oh my!

Why oh why would women do these things to themselves? We’ve done some shitty stuff in the name of beauty and we’ve never stopped. I do not mind the other stuff, the mild ones, like moisturizing, accenting your good features with the use of make up etc. But I never liked anything invasive like surgery. This isn’t that invasive but it’s still crazy. Way too crazy which maybe the reason why it’s becoming a trend.


I wrote about the same topic two years ago when I read an online article about it. Part of what I wrote was how (usually) female job applicants go through the procedures of plastic surgery to enhance their chances of finding  a good job.

Today, there is this article again. “Looks believed to be key to landing a job.

“Most college students have good qualifications these days as they prepare thoroughly for employment. Since resumes make little difference, impressions they give on interviewers matter more than before,” said Kim Byung-gun, a plastic surgeon at BK Dong Yang Plastic Surgery Clinic.

“The surgery helps improve first impressions. Those who think they are unattractive feel inferior during interviews. That’s why they fail,” said Hong Ki-seok, a PR manager at Medi Hershe.

Well, isn’t that fascinating?  The emphasis they put on physical appearance and how confidence is associated with it. During one of my adult classes, this was one of the topics which turned into a two-hour-conversation. I asked one of my students if job applicants really go through surgery to find a job. I told her I read about it and she basically told me that it happened in the past but not anymore. I told her that with Korea’s obsession with beauty, I was sure it’s still happening.

She then asked me if I’d ever consider surgery. I said no, and her follow-up question was blunt.  “You think you’re perfect and don’t need one?”. To which I replied: I never said I’m perfect, I don’t think I am, but I don’t think I need one. It’s just being able to accept yourself and learning how to emphasize your good qualities and hide your flaws without surgery.”

Before we finished the class, she came up again with something: “You just think that way because you’re pretty.”

(Well, thank you…) It still isn’t my point.

and this is the headline: Anne Curtis felt disrespected.

First of all, Really??? That’s what’s in the news now? That’s what people are interested to read and find out?

Secondly, are you fucking kidding me? So she had a “wardrobe malfunction”, people took photos and it went viral. She’s crying on national TV and expecting people to “respect” her privacy? Why dance and shake your ass with just a tiny thingy to cover what you don’t want to be seen?

She’s saying things like she should have been respected more and people should have not made the photo viral. Here comes the “entitlement” complex most of these people have. “I should have been treated better, they should have not done this to me, blah blah blah…”

Woman, you shouldn’t have been dancing with just a bikini!! ’nuff said!!!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali interview

Posted: June 23, 2008 in atheism, vanity

Ayaan Hirsi Ali interview – Washington post.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks out about being circumcised, Islam being anti-freedom, becoming an atheist, and the “satan” within her.(