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Okay, okay, I really don’t know what I have against Kris Aquino.  Almost everyday there’s an article about her. People are fascinated by her. People love reading how messed up she is. She has (political) power, money and fame. Yet the things that fascinate people are her screw-ups. How can somebody like her still be so fucked up?

Her personal life is a mess. You don’t need a degree in psychology to understand why she hooked up with the likes of Philip Salvador and Joey Marquez. Her marriage to James Yap, that one, needs more digging up to understand why and how it happened.

She’s in the headlines again, nothing new there. What amazes me is what comes out of her mouth every time she tries to convince people to ‘like’ her. In the article: “Kris not back in Joey’s arms“, some businessman who contributes to the Business Section of the Philippine Star, apparently criticized Kris for getting back together with then flame, Joey Marquez. I have to agree with Ricky Lo with this one. That man had no business talking about Kris’ love life. What’s her personal life got to do with the economy? Unless her reuniting with a former partner ignites a catastrophic economic event, those businessmen should also shut the fuck up. I was on Kris’s side on the issue… until she opened her mouth and reacted. 😦

She said people must have heard her talking about another Joey but they just assumed it was Mr. Marquez. Okay, so far so good, right? Now this is where I get peeved:

I just wonder why people are so quick to portray me as the malanding nakihiwalay and James as the mabait, naaping asawa? When all of last week ako ang nakabantay kay Bimby in Makati Med when he was confined from Wednesday to Saturday. Walang narinig ang tao from me na akong dakila and James didn’t even offer a peso for medical bills. (Portions deleted by me. — RFL) Kaya lang exhausted na ako with people wanting to just see the worst in me.”

Lemme just talk to Kris right here, right now:

So Kris, you said you’re wondering. Let me tell you why. People see James as the good guy because he’s quiet. He doesn’t go yapping to the press about every fucking deal that’s happening in your lives. That’s just it, he’s quiet. Unlike you. See what you did there in your qoute? You just belittled your son’s father again. For not helping with the bills. You could have just complained about his absence when your son was sick. Instead, all the people would see and hear is the fact that he hadn’t given you a dime.

People will continue to scrutinize your every move because you’re not one of us. Your father was the Philippine hero of the new century, your mother a former president and your brother the current one. So when you go into relationships with men who legally still had wives, have a kid, then get pregnant again with a man ten years younger than you, people WILL talk about you. People will criticize you.

You can’t tell people you’re the good guy and you’re the noble one just because you said so. You can’t tell them “I did this and that so you should be on my side”. It doesn’t work like that. Perception is a powerful tool. People judge on what they see and hear. And what they see is this rich powerful girl who wants the law and public opinion on her side. Not gonna happen, dear. Not in the near future anyways. Cuz you just can’t keep your mouth shut.

I hope this is my last post about her. I doubt that she’d keep quiet. I just hope that I’ll have more restraint next time and not be annoyed enough to rant again. Fingers crossed.


I’m confused…

Posted: September 19, 2010 in science, ugly side of the ugly, women

Doctor Branded Woman’s Uterus after Surgery article at the Smoking Gun website was way more than I can handle. Stories affect me. They either annoy or amuse me, or just goddam stupid I end up ranting about it.

This story is just confusing. My main question is: Did he brand it while the uterus was still inside her or after it was taken out. The story said “after he removed the uterus”. Okay, so common sense would suggest that the uterus would already be outside of her, in a med pan or something after which he did the cauterizing. So now why would she have leg burns?

Another case which was also noted in the article was about a Kentucky doctor who did a similar thing:

used a cauterizing device to place the initials “UK” on the uterus of a patient undergoing a hysterectomy. The branding–which was done during surgery while the organ was in place–was reportedly a way for Guiler to remain oriented during the procedure.

Whoa! what? “while the organ was in place”? So, medical equipments are inside you, while doctors operate on you, which in itself is a very invasive procedure, then they go on burning their initials on your parts?

Ethical or not, that is just plain horrible. No branding, inside or out, period!

Btw, here’s an image of hysterectomy.

So, being the sister of a nation’s president won’t stop her from talking about her private life. Every freakin’ day there’s news about her and her separation. WTF?

Shut up already!

Not all Pinoys want to hear about her break-up, her soon-to-be annulment (which I find so absurd! why get married in the first place if you’re gonna use technicality as an excuse or a way out of it?), all of which are personal issues which normal people share with friends- only with friends.

She’s telling everyone who has a tv and wants to listen. And of course, people would listen. We all love gossip. We love seeing people like her go through heartaches to feel better about ourselves. “Schadenfreude”. We feel good with her misfortunes.

Well, for some of us it is irritating. I just want her to shut the fuck up.Talk about other things if she can’t be quiet and if she has this constant need to open her mouth.

There- I’d be okay now after that rant. Hopefully, she’d coincidentally keep her mouth shut and give us all some peace.

Apparently I’m insecure… and arrogant… and insecure again. Haha.

When you point out that you can’t understand them cuz their English sucks (’twas really bad), people get angry.

It is forgivable to have grammar mistakes now and again, nobody’s perfect. It is acceptable to find these kinds of posts especially when you’re dealing with non-native speakers. But the Philippines is considered bilingual and I take pride in telling people that we are good English speakers.

It should be known that when you post something online, people (friends or not) will see it. They will have the urge to respond, to comment. That is what an online community is.

So when you post something that only you can understand because of poor language usage, there should be no surprise that people will tell you, even poke fun of you. They do it behind your back, why not in your face?

A friend posted something on her wall and we started making fun of ourselves. There were a lot of inside jokes there that others wouldn’t pick up. So when I expressed that one girl’s comment escapes me, that it’s incomprehensible to me (together with a ‘bwahaha’ ), that girl took it personally. Well I couldn’t blame her.

What came next was surprising to me. She got really really upset and was itching for a fight. She even tried to add me just so she can post something on my wall. She sent me an email calling me a ‘stupid bitch girl’. Oh, the laughs I got from that one. She then posted some of my photos onto her wall asking people if they know me. She told them how I must be insecure because I attacked her because we have different opinions on the (wall)issue.  I was like: ‘Woa, what? Where did that come from?’

After staying silent for a while, I told her to remove my pics or I would report her for copyright infringement. She did, after telling me to leave her alone. Interesting huh.I made one snarky comment and I’m suddenly harassing and attacking her?

She’s still pissed. I’m still baffled at how much of an idiot some people are. I was criticizing her English. Not her comment, not her opinion. I didn’t even understand what she said. Cuz it’s that bad. I could rip it apart and make it an example in one of my classes. “How not to write english” would be a great title.

She thinks I’m being snarky because I think I’m better than her which makes me insecure. I can’t even follow the logic in that. Which basically proves why I had to be snarky and couldn’t help myself. My bad.

I’ll try to remember that some people have a sense of entitlement and that when you poke them with a stick, they’d go ballistic. I’ll also try to remember that there are real idiots out there. And I promise to keep my fingers off the keyboard and look away if I read something like that again. It’d be really, really hard. Especially when they’re asking for it. But I’d try. For now. Cuz I have enough trouble as it is. Haha.

When you hear that someone has cancer, that he has to go through chemotherapy and your only comment is:  “serves you right because you don’t believe in god!” – that is just vile and evil. Plain and simple evil.

Apparently Christopher Hitchens will be undergoing chemotherapy for his esophagus. So how did theists react? With joy! Gloating as they comment on how this is because of his blasphemous denial and loathing of god.

Ugh! When you want to debate belief, do it. But do not gloat and say nasty things about how one person deserves to be sick just because he or she denounce or doesn’t believe in your god. That is just “ungodly-like”. Hah!

Oh, and he doesn’t want your prayers. So you can all keep it to yourselves.

So, gay men still can’t donate blood even if they are in a monogamous relationship while heterosexual men who sleep with prostitutes can and if they had sex with an HIV-positive partner, they’re only restricted from giving blood for one year. WTF?

We live in a fucked up, discriminatory and moronic world whose people shove their ignorance and intolerance to others’ faces.

Katha Pollit’st article on the Chicago Tribune
Brandan Kiley’s article on The Stranger

The two links above talk about pedophilia and priesthood. I don’t think the issue is gonna stop anytime soon. The more noise it generates, the more people or victims come out to talk about their horrible experience. And of course, the “victim” in all of these, the Catholic Church is being bullied. They are once again being vilified for something that also happens in other places or institutions. Well, yeah. But they get punished and brought to justice, not hidden and put in other places only to be encouraged to molest more.

Isn’t it arrogant of a person or an institution if they think everyone else is just out to get them? Like, yeah, they did something wrong, but it’s between them and their god? So what about the real victims? What about the real atrocities, the real sufferings of the real individuals who were put through hell just because of a doctrine those bastards can’t keep?

How many times does the Church need to be told that the cover-up is worse than the crime itself? Doing nothing and protecting the perpetrators instead of the flock is insulting and disheartening.

When one priest or bishop called the rape, pedophilia and the cover-up petty gossip, it kinda makes you think how long this has been going on for them to be so immune to this kind of “gossip”.