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badass and bullshits

Posted: September 14, 2010 in personal, tv

I waited, I saw, I got peeved.

Your badass shit’s starting to annoy me. The qualities that I once found amusing are getting on my nerves. The nights were special. And it’s time to bury it.

Now, about the real badass, Jax is gawddamn hot! More nude scene I say! Uh umm! I always enjoy their bike parades. Harleys on the road – always a beautiful sight. It made me miss home!


Dark Blue

Posted: August 15, 2010 in tv
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Jeez, why won’t it be Fall now so I can have all my favorites back on? I’m stuck watching crap tv shows! Well, until I started watching Dark Blue. Awesome!

Let’s start with the lead, Dylan McDermott, he’s a hottie! Then there’s Logan Marshall Green (Marissa Tomei’s hot piece :D) and Omari Hardwick who are certified eye candies. Damn, the show can be a crap but I’d still watch it cuz of those hunks. Ha ha ha…

The story’s good. Different cop drama. More into the “Justified” genre. So badass!! Now, here’s the part I did not like. Nicki Lynn Aycox. She played Meg in Supernatural. The reason I don’t like her is because I couldn’t focus on the story. I kept looking at her face and trying to figure out what she had done. Her face won’t move, so maybe Botox and her lips suddenly got swollen so maybe an injection. Damn! She could have been showing some emotions but I couldn’t see it onscreen cuz all I saw was how uncomfortable the scene was with that face and the lips!

I liked her in Supernatural. She played the bitch really well. Ha ha. Now all I see is a swollen mouth and an emotionless face. Man, why do people have to mess with what they have?

I would still watch the show. Three hunks in all their hotness so I’ll just ignore her. Ha ha ha.

So, being the sister of a nation’s president won’t stop her from talking about her private life. Every freakin’ day there’s news about her and her separation. WTF?

Shut up already!

Not all Pinoys want to hear about her break-up, her soon-to-be annulment (which I find so absurd! why get married in the first place if you’re gonna use technicality as an excuse or a way out of it?), all of which are personal issues which normal people share with friends- only with friends.

She’s telling everyone who has a tv and wants to listen. And of course, people would listen. We all love gossip. We love seeing people like her go through heartaches to feel better about ourselves. “Schadenfreude”. We feel good with her misfortunes.

Well, for some of us it is irritating. I just want her to shut the fuck up.Talk about other things if she can’t be quiet and if she has this constant need to open her mouth.

There- I’d be okay now after that rant. Hopefully, she’d coincidentally keep her mouth shut and give us all some peace.


Posted: July 2, 2010 in tv, women
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I’m a big Bones fan. Huge fan! I have loved Booth and Brennan since I saw them on TV. Their mutual unstated, unexpressed love for each other makes the show very interesting. Well, at least for me and the other millions who tune in to watch the show. Watching them over and over try and fail makes one root for them. We tell ourselves one day- it will eventually happen.

The makers of the show think that when Booth and Brennan get together, their show will have the “Ross and Rachel kiss” effect. More than 20 million tuned in to watch and wait how and when they were finally gonna be together. When they did, people watched and then stopped watching. I don’t believe it though. It was still one of the highest and most watched series ever. They also compared it to “Moonlighting” wherein the series was never the same after the main characters got together. As far as I know that show was canceled soon after.

It has been five seasons and I don’t think the writers of the show can drag the story further. Will they or won’t they? They have been dancing with it since season one. They were very successful so far but for how long?

In Episode 16 of the 5th Season, we learned about the first case they worked on. We saw the dynamics and the reason behind why they are the way they are together. At the end of the episode when Booth finally admitted that he loved Brennan, I was speechless and hopeful. I was screaming “yes!” only to be let down again when Brennan said no. She couldn’t love him because she doesn’t. She can’t because she doesn’t know how. That she isn’t programmed that way. I wept for the two of them. They broke my heart in more ways than one. But I still love them and even more with witty episodes up until the rest of the season.

One thing struck a chord though. When Brennan said she couldn’t love him because she doesn’t know how, I cried because I thought I was saying those words. When a tv program makes you realize a part of what you are, why you are that way, you can’t draw a lonelier and more agonizing epiphany than that. I haven’t stopped crying inside.

Ok, my dream life… my alternate life. A life where Seeley Booth, Raylan Givens and Sheldon Cooper are all my lovers. Hahaha. Slutty, eh?  Who wouldn’t want to have a piece of this deliciousness? C’mon!

Let’s start with the one who wakes me up in the night with hot kisses (of course, in my dreams). Seeley Booth! And let’s pretend that I’m the one he’s kissing right there. Damn! He has the sexiness of a cop, the jock in high school we all secretly wanted to date, that guy we probably could not have dated still we dream everyday that he’d ask us out….Wooh! I need to breathe…I’m just getting started!

Raylan Givens, my Raylan Givens…The badass with a heart. Don’t need to explain how hot he is. Hot hot hot!!!! I wouldn’t mind getting arrested if he’s the one who’s gonna put handcuffs on me… Mmmm… 🙂

The geek in me doesn’t want to be left out that’s why our Sheldon Cooper is here. The sexiest and geekiest nerd there is. Love his brains! He brings the smarts the other two can lack or rather he makes the other two complete.

Hahaha!… Ok, now that the crazy post had been finished, y’all excuse me cuz I need to take a cold shower.

It’s TVland’s slump time. Most of my beloved shows are on hiatus and won’t be back until fall (Justified!!!!).

I heard about Memphis Beat when one of its cast member DJ Qualls was promoting the show on Craig Ferguson. He was really funny. They both were. So I tuned in and watched. I liked it from the start. Not as much as I like Justified, but still, there’s nothing better out there…at the moment, anyway. The cast was superb. Jason Lee and DJ…I’m sold. That’s all I need to continue watching the series.

I liked the premise. It might be another cop procedural show but it has something different to it. Can’t quite figure it out. Maybe I need to watch again next week. Maybe I will.

The Good Guys got me hooked. It’s also another cop procedural show but it’s funny! Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks, plus that girl who was once in Reaper. Love the quirkiness of the show and the cast.

Still both not as good as Justified. But it’s okay, for now. Until my Raylan comes back. 🙂


Posted: June 10, 2010 in tv
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Justified” is a hell-of-a-badass new series starring Timothy Olyphant.  There were a lot of violence in the film but all you could think of after watching it was how good the story was. I must admit that I only started following the series because of Timothy. Isn’t he gorgeous? Yeah, thought so too. And the role fits him perfectly. Badass yet still soft inside. I love how much of a mess he is yet you could still feel his heart.

Series ended last night and it was an awesome finale. Good thing it got renewed and I only have to wait until fall to see my Raylan Givens again. “Sigh”….

Oh, and he looks hot, hot , hot in here!!!!!…..