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When you hear that someone has cancer, that he has to go through chemotherapy and your only comment is:  “serves you right because you don’t believe in god!” – that is just vile and evil. Plain and simple evil.

Apparently Christopher Hitchens will be undergoing chemotherapy for his esophagus. So how did theists react? With joy! Gloating as they comment on how this is because of his blasphemous denial and loathing of god.

Ugh! When you want to debate belief, do it. But do not gloat and say nasty things about how one person deserves to be sick just because he or she denounce or doesn’t believe in your god. That is just “ungodly-like”. Hah!

Oh, and he doesn’t want your prayers. So you can all keep it to yourselves.


So, gay men still can’t donate blood even if they are in a monogamous relationship while heterosexual men who sleep with prostitutes can and if they had sex with an HIV-positive partner, they’re only restricted from giving blood for one year. WTF?

We live in a fucked up, discriminatory and moronic world whose people shove their ignorance and intolerance to others’ faces.

S. E. Cupp’s Idiocy

Posted: June 12, 2010 in atheism, religion

I watched her sometime ago on Real Time with Bill Maher. The minute she said she was an atheist, I was like, “Oh, cool, pretty atheist huh…”
I spoke too soon. As soon as she opened her mouth and she started talking, I wanna punch her in the face. Like when someone’s being very stupid and you’re trying to correct them and they continue and rub the stupidity in your face…
I read this article by Chris Kelley, writer for Real Time with Bill Maher: S.E.Cupp will not be silenced and/or Fact Checked and I was relieved. It wasn’t just me. I wasn’t the only one super-annoyed at the pretentious woman who takes the atheists’ name in vain.

Judge for yourself

Robin Padilla is a Pinoy actor. A very famous one at that. Apparently, he shot a TV ad and endorsed a condom brand. Finally huh? Someone famous trying to promote safe sex in a country with a hypocritical government which in actuality is being run by the “noble” church.

So what does he get in return? Sure there are those who support his actions. But mostly, they’re criticizing him. And the most interesting of all, they filed a case against him for promoting condoms!

“In an interview, Imbong said it was only right that the government should use its powers to safeguard the moral environment of its citizens.”

WTF? Sometimes I am really amazed at how ignorant and hypocritical some people can be. OK, enough with pleasantries…That’s just plain stupid!!!

Safeguard the moral environment of its citizens? So they’re better off with contracting STD’s, HIV, teens getting pregnant and being forced to be parents when they should be studying? Morality? Using condoms goes against morality?

It’s also funny how they said the ad showed explicit messages. Found the video, watch and decide.

So now, Mr. Padilla responded by saying He wasn’t wearing it at that time. Ha ha.

“On a more serious note, however, Padilla pointed out that the country’s problems in health and education is mainly due to its increasing population.
The problems will increase further, he said, the more we grow in number. “Ang daming mga bata, wala naman kinabukasan (There are a lot of children [who] have no future],” he said.
His support for population control, according to Padilla, is the reason why he decided to endorse Trust condoms. “Ako ang nag-apply dun. Kapitbahay ko si Jojo, yung may-ari ng DKT (I applied for [that advertisement]. The owner of DKT, Jojo, is my neighbor).”

There you go! Shouldn’t this be the focus and not the crap that the church has been telling the people all along? Come on! Enough with the nonsense and time to get real!

Katha Pollit’st article on the Chicago Tribune
Brandan Kiley’s article on The Stranger

The two links above talk about pedophilia and priesthood. I don’t think the issue is gonna stop anytime soon. The more noise it generates, the more people or victims come out to talk about their horrible experience. And of course, the “victim” in all of these, the Catholic Church is being bullied. They are once again being vilified for something that also happens in other places or institutions. Well, yeah. But they get punished and brought to justice, not hidden and put in other places only to be encouraged to molest more.

Isn’t it arrogant of a person or an institution if they think everyone else is just out to get them? Like, yeah, they did something wrong, but it’s between them and their god? So what about the real victims? What about the real atrocities, the real sufferings of the real individuals who were put through hell just because of a doctrine those bastards can’t keep?

How many times does the Church need to be told that the cover-up is worse than the crime itself? Doing nothing and protecting the perpetrators instead of the flock is insulting and disheartening.

When one priest or bishop called the rape, pedophilia and the cover-up petty gossip, it kinda makes you think how long this has been going on for them to be so immune to this kind of “gossip”.

WTF again???

Posted: March 26, 2010 in crimes, religion

WTF? What the hell is wrong with these people? When’s the cover-up gonna stop? When are they gonna accept that celibacy is evolutionary and naturally wrong? They tell the priests that they should not be having sex with a woman but it is ok when those goddammed priests molest children? Woman -bad, kids -not so much??? That is just fucked up.

The Church and its Affairs

Posted: March 21, 2010 in religion

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The Pope issued an “apology” for all the abuse their priests have done. “Truly Sorry” that’s the caption MSNBC used. Really?? It’s been happening for decades in most parts of the Catholic world and only now do they apologize?