Shattering the Normalcy

Posted: February 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

It was a one month affair. One month of intense emotions. I went through it because it was just that, you had one month left. There was this tension between us and we were suddenly aware of the shortness of time that we had so we gave in. But it was a wonderful and unforgettable month-long tryst.  And there was love and hope that one day we would rekindle whatever we had.

So we stayed in touch. We always had stories for each other. What happened in Rome, in Germany, in Turkey then in China. Months turned to years. Seven years and counting now. It was friendly but filled with longing. We found our normalcy. Me here and you there. Separate lives. Friends.

Until you emailed those words. It broke my heart again. I stayed away and distant because I thought that was what you want. I wanted something more then but feared you might pull away if I say so. I’ve read the line over and over now.

“Secretly I’ve often hoped for a third (ours)”

You should have kept this thought a secret.


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