Ugly Side of Parenting

Posted: August 14, 2013 in movies/showbiz, philippines

Slooww day at work left me clicking through sites such as PEP. That site seems so quiet when Kris Aquino isn’t in the headlines. Which is how I like it. LOL.

But then their Sunshine Cruz article screams for attention. First of all, catchy title with the mention of rape. Marital Rape- for that matter. They are still married, right? Wait, they are separated but still married and it makes this case really confusing. They’re not living together but Cesar was able to get inside her house and raped her. But as you read on, you might find the reason for the debacle. Children. She’s complaining that Cesar has taken their three kids and that she misses them.

She’s still not getting an annulment though. After what she’s “been through”, she files a case for rape first. One case at a time, she said.

I don’t get it. She separates from her philandering, domineering and abusive husband and she doesn’t file for a divorce or annulment? Then she scream for rape when he won’t give her kids back? And why does everything have to be in the news? Sure they’re all “artistas” and such, but do they really have to blab about it in the press?

One day those kids will read those headlines. ‘Mom was raped, Dad was abusive’. What a nice family they got.


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