Era of sex videos

Posted: August 14, 2013 in movies/showbiz, philippines

I just can’t help myself. I promised I wouldn’t comment on this topic but here I am.

Let’s start. This Chito sex tape is getting quite old. I’ve only seen it in the news a few days ago (cuz I rarely pay attention to Pinoy news). There’s apparently a video of their sexual encounter. Someone stole his hard drive and uploaded it online. Voila – they’re a news item. And he’s now got the police involved.

Okay. Comments, anyone?

1. The hard drive was stolen? Really? That’s so outdated. Ain’t that been done and used dozens of times before? Good marketing  and publicity tool I’d say. So who benefits? Is it Chito? But he’s already well-known. So his partner then – whatever her name is. See, it’s her. Cuz now people will know who she is. I still don’t know her. Heard from friends she’s some kind of artista. Not famous at the moment. Well, look at that huh? Goood timing!

2. Couples who make sex videos and complain when they go online are fools. Don’t they know the cardinal rule of the digital age? Everything is recorded and shared. Nothing is private. You don’t want this kind of scandal? Then don’t make one. Private you say? Stupid fools. What era is this?

3. Now you get the NBI involved. Seriously? Has the crime and corruption in the Philippines gotten down to a very low level that the police force has nothing better to do than investigate your mess-up?

I’ll shut up now.


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