Facebook Absurdities

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m writing my thoughts here and not on Facebook. Just because I know I’d get in trouble when I post my thoughts there. Well, those troubles don’t bother me – but I gotta restrain my bitchiness for the sake of the fam who can see my feed.

So, let’s start!

1. There are girls (and guys) who just love selfies. I do it too especially during my “luvin-myself” moments. We love our faces. We like seeing the magic of the camera filters and make our faces slightly (or a lot, in the case of others) better than usual. But on my Facebook feed, there is this one person who LOVES to post selfies. That’s what she does almost everyday. My problem? I don’t know how to react. I know that I don’t like her – not personally – just the face (lol!). When she posts selfies (one by one -mind you- and it crowds my Facebook feed) my initial reaction is curiosity. In a “What now?” kind-of-way. Next is annoyance. It’s the same photo, in slightly different angles over and over again.  I’m so tempted to say “seriously? you think those are pretty photos of you?”. After being annoyed I’m tempted to hide her profile so I won’t see her on FB. That’s the rational thing to do, right? You don’t like what you see there so you hide their faces – plain and simple. Here’s why I haven’t hidden her profile (yet). She makes me laugh. In a “damnthestupid” kind of way. I remind myself that her facebook adventures make me laugh. In my bitchy moments when I need to belittle someone to make myself feel better, I look at her and I smile. How pathetic – you might say. I ain’t no good girl. I have moments caused by stress or whatever and I find things to relieve that stress. Her fugly face is one of them. Okay okay- I’m stopping now.

2. GRAMMAR- IF you’re not sure – tagalugin na lang… Or double, triple check before posting. Typos or few grammar slip-ups cannot be avoided BUT when the entire message is riddled with grammar fuck-ups, I get annoyed. I am SO tempted to correct them – or leave some nasty comments. Been in trouble in the past because of this and I learned from it. So what do I do about it? Hide – that’s one feature of Facebook that has worked so well in my favor.

3. TMI – There are just people who do not know when to stop sharing or tell people what they’re doing. I have read a number of posts about things that should have been written somewhere else. And again – the Hide function was my solution.

4. Nasty Videos and Photos – I hate when people post nasty (sex) videos and photos. Sure it will be taken down eventually but I won’t “unsee” it. I don’t need to see those stuff. I’ll google it when I want to. Don’t serve it to me on a public site.

That’s it for now. You might see part two when I get annoyed (again!).


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