Eleven Years and counting…

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Two days short of the eleventh year, here I am again- online-  searching for shadows of you. How is it possible that I still miss you, despite the years that passed by. We were a shadow, our love was an illusion that should not have been there.

I still think it is selfish of you to leave – five years ago when you did. Should I blame the god that you believe in for taking you so early? Should I blame the disease that you had? Should I have insisted on the cure that we discussed many years ago?

All I can do now is read your messages, the poems that you wrote for me. They’re all that I have. I have no more tears yet my heart still aches.

I am scarred. With you, I believed there is such a thing as love. Now I cringe every time I hear the word.

Eleven years to the day – I will never forget this line- “Hi. I’ve been waiting for you”


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