Kris Aquino should shut the f**k up

Posted: August 1, 2010 in philippines, tv, ugly side of the ugly, women
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So, being the sister of a nation’s president won’t stop her from talking about her private life. Every freakin’ day there’s news about her and her separation. WTF?

Shut up already!

Not all Pinoys want to hear about her break-up, her soon-to-be annulment (which I find so absurd! why get married in the first place if you’re gonna use technicality as an excuse or a way out of it?), all of which are personal issues which normal people share with friends- only with friends.

She’s telling everyone who has a tv and wants to listen. And of course, people would listen. We all love gossip. We love seeing people like her go through heartaches to feel better about ourselves. “Schadenfreude”. We feel good with her misfortunes.

Well, for some of us it is irritating. I just want her to shut the fuck up.Talk about other things if she can’t be quiet and if she has this constant need to open her mouth.

There- I’d be okay now after that rant. Hopefully, she’d coincidentally keep her mouth shut and give us all some peace.

  1. jac says:

    haha.funny when you go all pinoy showbiz like this.

  2. Horseplay says:

    Annulment huh…grabe, the bullshit the Church there lets the rich get away with. Morals and laws are just for the poor huh (while birth control is for the rich only).

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